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PHONE: 908.351.7770

ROUTING #: 221275481

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  • It’s Me 247 Internet and Mobile banking
  • It’s Me 247 Audio Banking
  • Notary Public Services for Members ONLY
  • CO-OP Network Surcharge Free ATM’s
  • E- Statements
  • Bill Pay 15 Transactions Free, $.50 per transaction for more than 16, $4.95 for inactive or less than 2 per month.


Loan Application Fee    $10.00
Printout of Share and or checking accounts or loan docs   $10.00
Copy of a Member check $25.00
Statement Copy Fee (per month) $10.00
Paper Statement    $10.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee (from other CU savings account)  $5.00
Share Draft Re-opening Fee    $20.00
Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge (5 business days or more) $30.00
Share Draft Return NSF Fee (1 free allowed)  $30.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee      $35.00
CU Check Payable to 3rd party    $5.00
Excessive Savings Account Withdrawals (over 2 per month) $5.00 per item
Debit Card Replacement Fee    $35.00 (free for 1st one)
Pin Reorder Fee   $5.00
MC Currency Exchange Fee1% (MC charge)
Return Deposited Item processing Fee    $25.00
Loan Payoff Amount Report/Lien release (refi, mortgage, auto)     $50.00
Levy On Account Fee     $100.00
Co-signer Fee     $10.00
Loan Late Fee (15 days after due date) $15.00
Repetitive Loan Application Fee     $25.00 (Within 90 days)
Incoming Wire Fee (Domestic Only) $25.00
Outgoing Wire Fee (Domestic Only) $25.00
Inactive Membership Fee (547 days Dormant)   $10.00 (Waived for Minors)
Retirement Account (IRA) Fee   $25.00 Annual Fee
Unreported change of Address Fee $10.00
Returned Mail Fee    $10.00
Certified Check Fee (from members checking account only) $5.00
Club Account Early Withdrawal    $35.00
Member requested Overnight Mail     $100.00
Check Less than $50.00 Fee    $5.00
Escheat fee   $150.00
Closing of Account within the first 6 months Fee   $25.00
Home Equity Payoff Fee$75.00
Fee for check out of savings if you have a Checking Account/Dormant checking acct  $5.00
Photocopies $0.25
ATM Out of Network Fee $2.00
Account reconciliations $35.00 Research $45.00
Cancel written loan fee $30.00
Account Verification Fee $15.00